Hiring an experienced team that can help guide you and your family through the selling process is perhaps the wisest thing you can do. It has been proven that, on average, when using a real estate agent, you will receive more money for your property and sell it faster, compared to going it alone (you net out better).

Movement expertly provides the education and experience you need to get you your desired results. With Movements neighbourhood and market knowledge, we assist you in perfectly pricing your property, to help you receive its full value in your desired timeframe. When pricing your property, we assess the following: the average per square foot costs of similar homes, median and average sales prices, average days on market and ratios of list-to-sold prices, and other criteria. These considerations all have a huge bearing on what we ultimately recommend for you.

We are buffers that take the discomfort out of your open houses and buyer visits. We filter out all the unqualified prospects, and induce serious buyers to immediately write an offer. You can have confidence knowing that Movement negotiates on your behalf, and with 20 plus years of combined sales and negotiating experience, Movement works diligently to get you the best results. We are not messengers whodeliver offers from buyers to sellers--and vice versa--we are professionals who are trained and experienced to present our client's case in the best light. We negotiate well, both due to our experience, and our ability remove ourselves from the emotional aspects of the transaction.

Movement will also assist you by introducing you to our professional network, including lawyers, notary publics, home inspectors, mortgage brokers, trades people, lenders, insurance brokers, land surveyors and appraisers. We all seek more precious time in our lives; hire a competent, professional team to provide you with that time; hire Movement Now!